What’s In Our Catererd Peranakan Buffet: Ngoh Hiang

Asian food is globally renowned for its rich use of delicious spices. With the right spice combination, a chef in Singapore, Malaysia, or the surrounding area can turn some very simple ingredients into a truly amazing meal. Such is the case with the Peranakan delicacy Ngoh Hiang, the incredible five-spice meat rolls that families love to enjoy on special occasions. Meat and vegetables combine with spices to create a roll so delicious that one won’t be enough for your taste buds.

Ngoh Hiang as an Occasional Treat

Many people eat Ngoh Hiang during the Chinese New Year. Others enjoy it year-round, perhaps on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions. You’ll often see Ngoh Hiang on the menu of a Singapore catering service; for example, Eatz Catering offers a homemade seafood Ngoh Hiang platter as part of their Peranakan Buffet package. The Ngoh Hiang platters are served up with Thai chili dip.

Ngoh Hiang at Home

Ngoh Hiang is especially enjoyable when you can relish its delicious flavours from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind that the Ngoh Hiang will take a while to make, so you should set aside a couple of hours for the process. Don’t waste your time making these meat rolls again and again; instead, make a larger quantity in one sitting. Double, triple, or quadruple your recipe and freeze the extras for up to three months.

Step 1

To make nine rolls of medium size, you’ll need about 500g of minced chicken. If you are following a pescatarian diet, you can substitute with fish instead. In a large bowl, mix the minced meat or chicken with a couple tablespoons of flour and a special sauce made of white pepper, five spice powder, garlic powder, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, an egg, Chinese wine, and oyster sauce.

Step 2

Once everything is thoroughly combined, toss in 200g of fresh or cooked prawns and 100g tinned or fresh crabmeat. Keep stirring in ingredients, including water chestnuts, a carrot, spring onions. The seafood and vegetables all need to be finely chopped before you mix them in, to ensure the right texture for your five-spice meat rolls.

Step 3

Now you’ll need plenty of beancurd skin to serve as the shells for your meat rolls. Slice the skin into rectangles or squares. Next, dampen a paper towel and use it to moisten the beancurd skins on each side.

Step 4

You’re ready to stuff the rolls! Spoon some of your meat filling onto each prepared skin. Fold the ends inward and roll the skins up so that you have rolls that are plump but not overstuffed.

Step 5

Next, steam the rolls in a pan over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you leave a gap between rolls. Overcrowding the pan can make the rolls stick together, and once that happens, it’s nearly impossible to separate them without breaking them.

After you steam your Ngoh Hiang, you can freeze as many of the rolls as you like. Just cool them down first and wrap them in wax paper and foil. When you’re ready to serve them, defrost the Ngoh Hiang and fry them up in a pan. Having a stash of Ngoh Hiang in the freezer is handy when your family members or friends stop by for a visit!

We Can Help You Save Time

Well, while making ngoh hiang make seem like a fun thing to do for yourself, it is definitely going to be a nightmare if you need to prepare it for a group. This is where eatz Catering comes in! We are a Halal certified catering company in Singapore that specializes in preparing local delights including Peranakan fare. Contact us to cater for a Peranakan buffet spread that includes the flavourful Ngoh Hiang!

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