Is Street-Style Food a Suitable Choice for a Catered Event?

When selecting a Singapore catering company for a family event, you will have to go through a number of essential considerations. If you have children attending the celebration, you’ll need to think about their needs.

You have freedom and flexibility in terms of selecting the right catering option for your event. Singapore has a wide range of high quality, reputable service providers. These companies have their distinctive menu ranges that clients can pick and match.

Street-style food is delicious, comforting and approachable. Because of its characteristics, you may think that a street-style menu is a good choice for your next catered event. This could very well be the case but you’ll have to go through several considerations to determine the appropriateness of the buffet and to make sure you’ve selected the right one.

What Is Street-Style Food?

This type of food is inspired by the street foods readily available in Singapore.

Singapore is recognised for its culinary diversity. Travel guides pinpoint a wide array of street foods visitors should definitely try because of the authentic flavours – chicken rice, char kway teow, bak chor mee, satay, nasi lemak and many others.

Caterers are often inspired by these authentic flavours and they feature street-style meals in their buffet choices.

Satay, for example, is a staple that can be interpreted in numerous ways. The marinated meat dish has a long and interesting history and it usually appeals to all people, even those who have never tried it before.

What matters in such instances is selecting the right catering service provider. Street foods are the source of inspiration but they can be modernised and elevated. If you want to take the theme and run with it, you have to pick a professional team that will understand your concept and help you deliver.

Does Street Food Match the Event Theme?

To determine whether street-style food is suitable for a catered event, you’ll have to consider the theme and the types of guests that will be attending.

A corporate gala, for example, may not be the right occasion fur such a menu (unless your caterer can turn street food into a gourmet dish or offer a modern choice like a Fusion Asian Buffet, for example). Such events will benefit from more exquisite ingredients and culinary staples that are internationally accepted.

In case you’re holding a more informal celebration, street food choices will be an ideal match.

Street foods are common and comfortable. Most people are acquainted with them and have given them a try every once in a while.

A family occasion or a party bringing together a group of close friends will be the perfect event for the selection of street-style food.

Use Street Food as the Inspiration

When an experienced chef is working on the menu creation, even the most basic of concepts can be elevated and taken to the next level.

Can street food be gourmet? Absolutely! All that you have to do to accomplish the goal is identify a reputable catering Singapore company.

There’s no limit in terms of interpreting a theme or giving it a modern twist.

If you are interested in street-style meals, you should probably carry out a bit of research. Compare the menu offerings several catering companies have put together. See how a classic is interpreted or modified to appeal to a more discerning audience.

Don’t hesitate to share the concept you’re hoping for with the catering service provider. Professionals who have sufficient experience in the field will give you adequate advice about the execution of the respective idea and whether it’s the right one for your catered event.

Make It Eclectic

There’s one more way in which you can approach event menu creation.

Instead of sticking to just one possibility, make it a truly eclectic culinary experience.

This is especially possible in the case of a buffet menu. Buffets allow for the presentation of numerous meals. Guests have the freedom to choose and enjoy the options that they like the most.

A good event menu could feature a couple of street food offerings, as well as a few alternatives.

Abundance and an eclectic approach means that everybody will be happy with the types of available foods.

The trick here is to refrain from going overboard. The number of meals and the size of each platter should be chosen to correspond to the number of guests.

Present the Menu in an Attractive Way

Street food is prepared on the go. This is a fact everybody will be familiar with. If you want to make your buffet a part of the event attraction, you should consider some sort of an attractive presentation.

A live station is a great choice that goes perfectly well with the respective type of menu.

Companies like Eatz Catering make various live station possibilities available. There will be a trained chef attending your event and preparing meals in front of the guests. Not only is such food fresh and delicious, its preparation will turn into a key part of the celebration that the guests can have a lot of fun with.

Street-style food catering is currently a hot trend and its popularity is expected to remain high in the future.

A comprehensive, wonderful menu can be created on the basis of local, authentic and ethnic street foods. These also provide interesting possibilities for fusion menu creation that takes something traditional and turns it on its head.

Street foods are local and made from the freshest of ingredients. They are produced by hand and could easily turn into the most attractive aspect of a catered event. In order to achieve the goal, however, you will have to identify the right catering company to partner up with.

Eatz Catering has extensive experience with both local and international flavours. They serve as the inspiration for the creation of the numerous Eatz Catering menus – delicious meals and buffets suitable for just about every location. If you have a question or you’re ready to make your choice, you can easily get in touch with the Eatz Catering team right now.