It’s Time to Start Having House Guests Again: Covid-19 Phase 2 Is Here

The world got off to a rough start in the first months of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures introduced all across the world. Singapore’s circuit breaker period closed down many businesses and kept people from gathering in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

Luckily, life is gradually starting to go back to normal.

In the middle of June 2020, the Singaporean government announced the commencement of Phase 2 of reopening. This period is serving as a transition from the circuit breaker to normal life. Now that you have a chance to start meeting loved ones again, we have a couple of suggestions you can rely on to make these encounters as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Small Gathering Permitted but Keep Them Safe!

Since June 19, retail outlets can recommence work and the same applies to F&B outlets. In addition, most life activities will be resumed as long as safe distancing measures are observed.

The government has announced that small group social gatherings will once again be permitted, as long as these are kept up to five people. This means that every single household, regardless of its size, can receive up to five guests for a relatively small and intimate party.

Safe social distancing rules are still in effect, especially when people are interacting with each other in group settings.

The same applies to personal hygiene and the use of masks (single-use or cotton masks) whenever food and beverage consumption aren’t taking place.

You’re probably feeling tremendously excited about the prospect of hosting a small party and catching up with your friends after the end of the circuit breaker period.

Still, to make the experience safe for everyone involved, do follow a couple of simple rules.

Safety Tips and Suggestions for a Fun Night with Friends

Mass gatherings are still a no-no as the spread of the virus hasn’t been curbed entirely. You should be selective about the people you invite to your home.

As humans, we need and enjoy physical touch. At the time being, however, it’s still a good idea to refrain from hand-shaking, hugging and kissing. Remember that physical affection could be putting you and the people that you love in danger. Spending time in each other presence is more than enough and you can postpone physical affection for the time being.

Hand washing is still the first thing that should happen as soon as people enter your home. It’s also a good idea to use a larger dinner table so that you can maintain sufficient social distance between all of the people attending the party (at least a metre is optimal).

And finally, if you are invited to a party, make sure that you’re healthy before attending.

Check your temperature and pay attention to other signs like an eventual shortness of breath or a new cough. While these are probably not troublesome, it’s still a good idea to stay on the safe side. Decline the party and check in with your doctor!

Enjoying Delicious Food

While going back to seeing each other again is something that most of us have waited months for, there are still some concerns and unanswered questions.

Some people, for example, are not 100 per cent confident that the consumption of food at parties and small social gatherings is safe.

The good news is that delicious treats can be enjoyed without worrying about the coronavirus.

The US Food and Drug Administration, as well as other reputable national and international entities have done research on the topic and they’ve found no connection between the consumption of food and the spread of the coronavirus.

As a party host, you will be responsible for the safe handling of food.

If you want to give your guests and yourself the best possible experience, do opt for professionally-prepared foods.

A Singapore catering company like Eatz Catering follows strict hygienic practices and food handling procedures to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and bacterial or viral spread. Relying on such a dedicated team for food preparation and delivery boosts the safety of your gathering even further.

Eatz Catering’s Menus: Quality and a Ton of Diversity for Your Party!

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Last minute ordering isn’t a problem and we can handle your order. Thus, you can easily plan a spontaneous small gathering and rest assured that all of your food needs will be covered.

Finally, we’d like to assure you that we adhere to the strictest hygienic standards in this challenging time. All Eatz Catering members undergo daily temperature checks to make sure they’re healthy. In addition, we use all of the recommended personal protection gear (masks, gloves, etc.) and we keep track of the latest Covid-19 recommendations to give you access to a safe and reliable service.

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