Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy, Order Quality Meals Online

The number of COVID-19 infections in Singapore has reached 91, as of February 25, 2020 with 58 patients discharged. New and stricter measures are being implemented to reduce the risk of the infection spreading with the latest action taken in Singapore being the barring of visitors from both South Korea’s Cheongdo county and Daegu city, which have been designated as special care zones after a spike of COVID-19 cases

If you live in Singapore and you want to reduce your risk of viral exposure, there are several things you can do.

Practice good personal hygiene like washing your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching your face. Avoiding contact in crowded areas as much as possible is one of the essential ways to reduce risk.

While preparing food at home, sticking to safe and clean food preparation methods is equally important. To simplify things, consider ordering food online from a trusted Singapore food catering company and getting it delivered to your home. Service providers like Eatz Catering have developed special opportunities for you to enjoy high quality nutrition during the coronavirus outbreak.

Delicious, Professionally-Prepared Food

The Eatz Catering Family Set Mini Buffet is an excellent option to try if you plan to spend more time at home and you want to avoid contact at the grocery store or the supermarket.

Designed for up to eight people, the Family Set Mini Buffet features a couple of distinctive menus you can pick and choose among.

There are two Chinese menu options, two Malay offerings and a Thai menu.

The Chinese menu features classics like chicken curry, salted egg siew mai, sin chow fried beehoon, taro balls with seafood and vegetables, mushrooms siew mai, seafood fried rice and various other delicious picks.

If you prefer Malay cuisine, check out the two menus that contain finger-licking temptations like Malay-style fried chicken, sambal balado prawn, bergedil, curry vegetables, ikan goreng tiga rasa, Malay mee goreng with seafood and others.

Finally, for those interested in Thai flavours, we have a couple of excellent choices including Thai grilled chicken, sugarcane prawns, Thai fish cake, pineapple fried rice with chicken floss, Thai green curry, locally-sourced barramundi sweet sour fish, egg tofu with Thai chili and tom yum fried rice.

Each one of the menus is provided with a daily dessert option to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well.

Check out the Family Set Mini Buffet on the Eatz Catering website, make your selection online and you’ll have the meals you’re interested in delivered to your home.

Food Safety and Impeccable Professional Practices

Food safety and impeccable hygiene are two essentials for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Eatz Catering is a professional company that has been preparing delicious food for its clients since 2003 and none of our staff have travelled to mainland china in the last 6 months. During this period we are maintaining these measures:

  1. All staff temperatures are taken when they come to work and when they leave.
  2. We have stepped up on our cleaning routines – washing and sanitising our hands, disinfecting our equipment more frequently.
  3. All employees are required to declare and present travel documents to us when travelling overseas, no matter where.
  4. All staff are required to wear masks when doing their jobs.
  5. We keep track daily on MOH updates and advisories and educate our staff.
  6. We monitor our staff closely to ensure they are fit for work and give them necessary rest periods when required.

Through the years, we have amassed regular clients who are accustomed to our impeccable service, reliance on high quality ingredients and adherence to industry standards when it comes to the preparation of safe and delicious meals.

We believe in attention to detail. Our dedicated team of chefs has the background knowledge and the experience to have flavourful and perfectly cooked meals delivered to your door. We are equally experienced in offering catering services for large events and for the needs of individual families. The offerings are personalised to address varying requirements, giving everyone at least one choice that’s perfectly suited to the situation.

If you plan to spend more time at home and reduce your exposure to potential virus carriers, ordering food in would be the smartest thing to do

Contact Eatz Catering today or order online by selecting one of our numerous menus.