Last Minute Party Planning Catering Tips?

While most events take a lot of time to plan, there are instances in which you’ll have to improvise in the last possible minute. Not only are such endeavours stressful, they give you access to a limited number of organisational options.

If you have to put together a last minute party, you will need to prioritise several essentials. One of these is the food. Partnering up with an experienced Singapore caterer is one of the keys to addressing food and beverage-related challenges.

A few other things to keep in mind and to simplify the process of last minute party planning include the following.

Establish a Timeline

While time is a luxury when it comes to last-minute event organisation, you’ll still need a timeline that will help you coordinate and focus your efforts.

How much time do you have to book a venue? To choose the right catering service provider? Do you need to buy certain items like decorations, flowers, party favours? Do you need to hire certain professionals like a DJ or a host?

A to-do checklist can be very helpful. People tend to forget things in the heat of the moment and the stress level is going to be exceptionally high when you have a limited amount of time.

Rely on Shortcuts When Possible

There are certain ways to eliminate some of the organisational activities. Take some time to think strategically and to be smart about the last minute preparations.

Choosing the right catering service provider, for example, will free you from having to buy china, tablecloths, food serving equipment and utensils. Reputable catering companies like Eatz Catering have rental services you can benefit from.

In addition, these companies have properly trained staff members who will deal with the positioning of tables at the venue, the creation of the buffet spread and its maintenance in an ideal condition. If you need to, you can even hire a butler and uniformed service staff to interact with the guests and reduce take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Be Realistic about Venue Availability

Finding and booking a menu a few days before the event takes place is going to be nearly impossible.

There are numerous hot venues throughout Singapore you can choose for corporate parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, team building sessions and other occasions. The most popular places, however, will be booked for months to come.

Assess your options realistically and don’t adopt a maximalist approach.

A private venue like somebody’s house will be the most easily accessible choice. The problem with such a venue is that it can host a limited number of people. Hence, the solution is a good one for a smaller, private party.

If you need to host a larger party, an event hall or a venue available for bookings will be required. Make a list of the places large enough to accommodate the number of guests you have in mind and begin calling as soon as possible.

Some of these venues will already be taken while others may be expensive to book. You should be prepared for such challenges. It may be a good idea to up the venue rent budget because this is one of the essentials you simply cannot host a party without.

Have an Event Planner

While hiring an event planner is going to cost you a bit more than handling the party on your own, such a decision will save you some time and it will give you a professional outcome.

Event planners have the contacts and they know what it takes to quickly transform a venue, ensure the safety and the comfort of the guests.

Your event planner will also interact with the catering company. Because both of the parties involved have professional knowledge in the field, the process will be streamlined. You’ll still have your input when it comes to menu selection but other aspects of the interaction will be left to the team handling the event.

You’ll be free to focus on the most important aspects – interacting with the guests, checking last-minute details, etc.

Talk to Your Caterer about the Food Preparation Options

When you get in touch with a Singapore catering company on a short notice, you’ll have to be prepared for some limitations in terms of food preparation and menu availability.

There are some complex recipes out there that may be impossible to execute within the timeframe you’re looking for. It could also be difficult to plan a menu that features exotic, imported ingredients.

The best menus when you’re trying to plan a last minute party are the seasonal ones. These are easier to prepare because the ingredients will be readily available.

Getting a live station for the party will be another wonderful choice. In the case of live station service selection, the catering company will send over a chef and all of the equipment required to cook a meal. The chef will prepare the food in front of the guests – it doesn’t get fresher than that.

Live stations are easy to book, plus they add an interactive element to the party. If you haven’t found that many entertainment options for your last-minute event, a live food station will be a good choice. People will get to enjoy the skills of the chef, they’ll interact with each other and the station will generally turn into a great ice breaker.

Finally, try to maintain a degree of flexibility.

It’s possible for last-minute details to fail turning out exactly as you’ve planned. If you have a second scenario, you should be ready to adopt that. If not, let go of the element that simply cannot be carried out. There are things out of your control, regardless of how closely involved you are.

Give yourself a bit of wiggle room, delegate and partner up with the right professionals to bring the party to reality. Teams like Eatz Catering have a lot of experience with last minute parties.Contact us today, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to give you a reliable and comprehensive solution.