Make Your Holiday Party Magnificent with Christmas Side Orders

When you order a magnificent Christmas or New Year buffet from Eatz Catering, you’ll receive plenty of delicious food for all your guests. For some of these exclusive holiday menus, the transport fee is waived as our Christmas gift to you, and we offer premium setup services to ensure that the food is as beautiful and appealing as possible at your party. In some cases, you may want to be even more generous and add some additional items to the buffet. Discover why Christmas side orders are a good idea and find out which ones are available.

Why Choose Christmas Side Orders?

You’ll find that certain items on your Christmas or New Year buffet line disappear faster than others! Our Eatz Catering chefs create each dish with care and quality, ensuring that they all taste amazing— but while all the food is delicious, there are usually a few favourites that vanish from the buffet at a surprising rate. To supplement those items, you can add Christmas side orders to your holiday buffet order.

Christmas Turkey Sets

Sometimes, the one turkey included with your holiday buffet order just isn’t enough for the crowd of hungry holiday guests you plan to serve. You can increase the supply of turkey by ordering an extra one, with cranberry sauce and stuffing, for only $98. Add a whole turkey and two Christmas side items for $180 (Christmas Set A), or do a whole turkey and four side items for $255 (Christmas Set B). To take your holiday buffet over the top, choose Christmas Set C, which consists of a whole turkey, a leg of lamb, and three additional sides for $320.

Sushi Platter

The holiday are a time to enjoy a few of the finer things in life; so why not indulge yourself and your guests with a deluxe sushi platter for $60? The platter includes an assortment of fresh and delicious sushi.

Want to have some cold foods available for snacking throughout the party? Choose the Assorted Xmas Platter, which includes an assortment of six cold dishes and serves about a dozen people.

Halal Ham Balls

For a true holiday delicacy, ask your Singapore caterer to include a holiday baked honey-glazed chicken ham ball with your buffet order. Priced at $35, the chicken ham ball is a halal option, served hot to your guests. There is also a baked smoked turkey ham ball available, which is served hot as well.

More Hot Holiday Entrees

Other entrees to consider adding to your holiday buffet include our roasted lamb leg with homemade sauce, priced at $110. If your budget won’t stretch that far, choose the roasted whole chicken with garlic peppercorn sauce instead, priced at just $45. For seafood lovers, select an assortment of slipper lobsters (crayfish) with salted egg yolk or black pepper sauce.

Place Your Holiday Catering Order

If you’re interested in a full buffet, Christmas mini buffet catering, or Christmas side orders, contact us at Eatz Catering, a catering service company in Singapore. We’ll help you work out all the details, and we can also provide rentals of tables, chairs, dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware if needed. With our expert assistance, the food at your holiday gathering can be a huge success!