Professional Catering Services Vs. Restaurant Catering

According to the Straits Times, an increasing number of restaurants began to offer their own catering services last year. In most cases, the expansion into the Singapore catering business is due to a slowdown in the economy. In spite of Singapore’s reputation as a foodie paradise, some restaurants are having trouble increasing profits to the heights they would like, and the owners see catering as a potential lifeline. But is it a good idea to order catering in Singapore from a local restaurant? Discover 5 reasons why you may want to choose a professional Singapore caterer instead.

Transport Skills

Taking plates from the back kitchen to the dining area of a restaurant is far different than transporting an entire buffet from catering headquarters to the venue. While a restaurant may hire employees that have experience in transporting food, there are bound to be some mishaps, especially when the process is new.

In contrast, experienced Singapore catering staff know exactly how to secure the food and take it safely through the city to the event location. They have all the supplies and skills to keep the food at the proper temperatures, hygienically safe and ensure that every dish arrives intact, looking good and tasting even better. Seasoned catering staff know how to handle obstacles like elevators, stairs, ramps, hallways, and bumpy surfaces; while their counterparts from the local restaurant may not be as experience.

Buffet Presentation

The chefs at a local restaurant may be skilled at plating their food beautifully, but can they translate those artistic skills to buffet presentation? A poorly presented buffet is unappetizing for guests. Thanks to years of experience, Eatz Catering staff understand how to beautifully assemble and arrange a buffet so that it looks attractive to the eye as well as pleasing to the palate.

Menu Options

A restaurant menu has a selection of carefully planned dishes that are often prepared separately for each guest. When the restaurant enters the catering arena, the chef may select certain items for the catering menu – most likely a limited version of the restaurant’s full offerings.

An established catering service in Singapore has a much broader menu to work with. For example, Eatz Catering offers hundreds of different dishes and themed menus, including Peranakan buffets, wedding catering buffets, Fusion Asian cuisine, international buffets, tea receptions, baby full-month catering, and much more.

Serving Staff

The servers at a restaurant are used to working with a certain number of tables, taking orders, bringing extra napkins, and refilling drinks. Servers at a full-service catering company have a much different job to do. They have to know how to set up the buffet and maintain safe temperatures for all the different food items. They must understand how to survey the room and identify needs—replacing buffet dishes, replenishing the drink station, answering guests’ questions, mopping spills, and clearing away empty dishes. They have to watch the timeline and start a quick and efficient breakdown of the buffet when it’s time. Plus, they are in charge of cleaning up any food-related mess and getting all the food and supplies back to catering headquarters. Setting up, tending, and breaking down a buffet is a big job, one that is best accomplished by well-trained staff from a professional Singapore catering service.

Easy Ordering

If you’re ready to hire a full-service caterer in Singapore, just visit the Eatz Catering website. We are Halal certified and we specialise in local cuisine – we are definitely your go-to caterer for everything Singaporean! Our online ordering process makes it easy to plan your next event, whether it’s an intimate family party or a big corporate seminar. If you have any questions about your order or our menu options, please contact us. We look forward to serving you!