Questions to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Caterer in Singapore

Are you on the hunt for the right Singapore caterer for your wedding? There are so many options available in Singapore that you may be feeling overwhelmed or confused. These 7 questions may provide you with the clarity you need to make the right decision!

1. Is the Singapore caterer responsive?

If you have a question, can you call the caterer and get a real person on the other end of the line? If you have to leave a voice message, how quickly does a member of the catering staff call you back? Do they respond to your emails or confirm your order swiftly after you place it online? A responsive caterer is more likely to have a customer-friendly mindset. Find catering in Singapore who connects with you kindly and effectively, and they will probably treat you well throughout the process.

2. Are there a variety of menu options?

If the catering service offers only a few buffet options, you’ll feel very limited when it’s time to select the menu. Look for a caterer that supplies a variety of choices. For example, Eatz Catering does an international buffet, a BBQ buffet, a Peranakan buffet, and a Healthy Choice buffet, to name just a few; and within those types of buffets are even more options for entrees and side dishes.

3. Can they handle different kinds of events?

It’s good to know that your chosen caterer has the ability and versatility to handle all types of events. Besides the full size buffets, Eatz Catering provides mini buffets, promotional buffets, side orders, cocktail receptions, live stations, corporate seminar catering, tea receptions, kids parties and more! A good caterer can handle a quiet breakfast buffet or a huge wedding buffet with equal ease.

4. Is there halal catering available?

Singapore is a nation of great diversity and is home to many Muslims. Chances are, you’ll have Muslims in attendance at your gathering; and out of respect for them, it’s a good idea to have halal catering so they can actually eat. Find a trusted halal caterer in Singapore with genuine certification from MUIS.

5. Is the food delicious?

Many Singapore catering services allow you to taste their food in advance. Ask about a tasting session so you can try some of their signature dishes. If a tasting isn’t possible due to scheduling or other factors, check online to find reviews of the caterer. From the reviews that other clients have posted, you should be able to get an idea of how that company’s food tastes.

6. How is the food presented?

Taste is a huge factor in your choice of caterer, but the look and presentation of the food is important as well. If it doesn’t look delicious, no one at your event will want to try it. Check the online photo gallery of the caterer to see if they present their dishes in an attractive, appetizing way.

7. Do they have vegetarian or vegan options?

In addition to the need for halal catering, you may also need to accommodate specific diets or food sensitivities among your guests. While Eatz Catering cannot guarantee that its food is free of any specific allergen or ingredients, we can work with you and let you know which of our menu options are conducive to a vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian lifestyle.

Have you decided on a catering service? If not, contact Eatz Catering today! We treat our clients with respect and kindness, respond promptly to queries, and provide delicious, beautiful food that will please you and your guests, no matter what type of gathering you have planned.