Singapore Catering that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Are you concerned that catering your upcoming event might be too expensive? A delicious catered buffet doesn’t have to clean out your bank account. In fact, you can cater any size event, large or small, for less than you might think. Find out how Eatz Catering keeps high-quality Singapore catering accessible to everyone.

A Range of Options

For nearly every Eatz Catering buffet or mini buffet, you’ll find a range of different menus and price options. This way, you can select a menu that fits your needs and stays within your budget. For example, our popular Peranakan buffet comes in three different versions. The first menu is priced at just $13.80 per guest, or $14.77 with GST. The second menu is $15.80, and the third is $18.80. The prices for our international buffets range from $12.80 per person to $32.80 per person. With so many options, you get the flexibility you need for both the menu and the price per guest.

Promotion Buffet Menus

In addition to our regular offerings, Eatz Catering also has a section on our website specifically dedicated to promotional buffet menus. You can quickly and easily find buffet menus that are priced lower than our other options. For example, our Promotion Buffet Menu A option is priced at just $9.80 per guest, or $10.49 with GST, for a minimum of 40 people.

It includes plenty of delicious choices, such as vegetable spring rolls, Mee Goreng with tomatoes, Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon, and Hainanese roast chicken. Also on this menu are delicacies like fish curry with lady’s finger, cuttlefish Yu Tiow with mayonnaise, steamed chicken Char Siew Pau, and much more. You’ll save money, and your guests will be delighted with the buffet.

Affordable Halal Catering in Singapore

If you’re interested in affordable Halal catering in Singapore, look no further than Eatz Catering. We don’t charge extra for Halal catering, because everything we provide is completely Halal. We are certified by MUIS, so you can trust that all our supplies, equipment, ingredients, and meals conform to Halal standards.

Special Offers

Are you looking for a really good deal on catering in Singapore? Be sure to check Eatz Catering’s Promotions page on our website. There are always some excellent bargains waiting to be discovered, and one of them might be perfect for your event. We often offer specials on mini buffets during the week, and we usually have at least one wedding deal ongoing. You’ll also find discounts on corporate buffets, premium bento boxed lunches, and baby box gift boxes. Check frequently to see which promotions and special offers are currently running.

Don’t wait to place your order with Eatz Catering! Like many other top caterers in Singapore, our schedule fills up quickly, and we want to be able to provide you with the tasty food and top-notch service you need. Contact us today to arrange the details!