Steps to Get Amazing Catering for Your Birthday Party

Your birthday is coming up, and you want to do something special to celebrate! Maybe you are turning 21, and it’s time to bring together friends and family for a time of fabulous food, conversation, and entertainment. Find out which steps to follow in order to secure amazing catering services for your birthday party.

Find a Respected Caterer

First, do some research on catering companies in Singapore. Did you recently attend a catered party where the food was especially good? Ask the host who catered it. Look for online reviews and ratings that may show you which Singapore caterers are ideal for your party.

Decide on the Menu

What kind of food do you want to have at the party? Before you select a caterer in Singapore, make sure that the company can provide the type of food you want. As a top caterer in Singapore, Eatz Catering offers a wide range of menu options, including cuisine from different countries. Check out our authentic buffets and international buffets if you’re looking for something unique to serve at your birthday celebration.

Add a Live Food Station

Would you like the food to be part of the fun at your party? Eatz Catering supplies live food stations where the dishes are cooked up or prepared right before the eyes of your guests. Food stations with onsite chefs provide natural gathering points and a source of live entertainment for everyone at the party.

Order DIY Sets

You can also get guests more involved by having them prepare their own food. From Eatz Catering, you can obtain Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Popiah sets or DIY Kueh Pie Ti sets. The DIY Popiah set is $48.00 ($51.36 with GST) for 12 guests, and you can order as many as you need for the entire guest list. DIY Kueh Pie Ti sets are $58.00, or $62.06 with GST, and each package serves 12 people.

Rent Additional Supplies

Do you think you’ll need to rent chairs, tables, table linens, tableware, and other supplies for your birthday party? Check with Eatz Catering about the availability of all these items. You may be able to add them to your party package or buffet order.

Experiment with the Unexpected

Would you like to try something different at your birthday party? Instead of a traditional buffet, why not host an American breakfast buffet, or have a tea reception? Or, rather than having a buffet, you could order lacquer lunch boxes, packed with luxurious lunches, for $25.00 each ($26.75 with GST). That way, your guests can enjoy their own tasty lunch, neatly tucked into the compartments of a beautiful lunch box. Unexpected elements like these can make your birthday even more memorable.

The friendly staff at Eatz Catering are always ready to help you plan an order; but you can also go online and do everything through the easy ordering process. Choose the menu you want and order enough food to serve all your guests, along with any live stations, supplies, or DIY sets you’d like to add. Thanks to the beautiful presentation and delicious quality of Eatz Catering’s food, your party is on the way to being a great success!

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