Taking High Tea Catering to the Next Level

Have you ever enjoyed high tea with friends? There’s an Old-World charm to the practice, which has its roots in British history and culture. In these times of busy schedules and constant responsibility, it can be a uniquely refreshing experience to simply sit with friends and enjoy tea and treats for an hour or two.

Taking Tea in Two Ways

High tea is a bit different from afternoon tea. Historically in Britain, afternoon tea was usually enjoyed by the upper class, who could afford to take a break around 4 o’clock in the afternoon to have some cake, scones, sandwiches, and tea. Afternoon tea sometimes took place in the parlour or the garden.

High tea was traditionally served later, right after a worker’s day concluded. In addition to the light treats and tea, there were also hot dishes, including something savoury and filling. The high tea was served on a higher dining table rather than the low table in the parlour, and the participants sat in dining chairs rather than on lower parlour chairs.

Enjoying a Modern High Tea

Today, high tea is enjoying an increase in popularity. It’s an enjoyable time for friends to get together and catch up while drinking tea, eating snacks, and indulging in a hot dish or two. It’s more casual than a sit-down dinner and typically not a large enough gathering to warrant a full buffet. Instead, the host might hire a caterer to provide light refreshment, tea, and a few hot entrees.

Choosing the High Tea Treats

Whether it’s high tea or afternoon tea, you’ll want to include a variety of sweet treats for your guests. Items that pair well with a cup of hot tea include fruit tartlets, muffins, cake, Swiss rolls, eclairs, or doughnuts. Give a nod to Singapore’s own selection of sweets by including traditional favourites like baked Kueh Lapis, Nonya Queh, and mango pudding cups.

Exploring Cold Canapé Options

In addition to sweet treats, why not provide some cold canapés or other finger foods for your guests? Smoked duck with Hoisin sauce on crackers or egg mousse with fish roe on a tart shell are elegant choices; or you could choose a more casual type of starter like cheese sticks or finger sandwiches. Eatz Catering, a popular Singapore caterer, supplies egg mayo and tuna mousse finger sandwiches, tomato and cucumber sandwiches, and egg mayo and shredded chicken sandwiches with the tea reception menu.

Selecting Hot Entrees for the High Tea

For the more filling dishes and hot entrees, explore options like homemade pies, chicken or mutton satay, or Nonya Laksa, a Peranakan favourite. If you want to give the guests something to do during high tea, order a do-it-yourself Kueh Pie Ti set or Popiah set. Chicken drumlets, mushroom chicken pie, Vietnamese yam rolls, breaded scallops, potato curry puffs, and dozens of other choices are all crowdpleasers; and there are dozens of additional snacks available from Eatz Catering.

Hosting Your Own High Tea with Catering in Singapore

Would you like to host a high tea for family or friends? Contact Eatz Catering and let us know what type of event you are envisioning. We’ll do our best to help your plan become a reality, with tasty snacks and delicious tea to facilitate laughter and good conversation.