The Authentic Indonesian Culinary Experience Comes to Your Home

The history, the nature and even the geography of Indonesia have all had a profound effect on the country’s culinary profile. These influences worked together to create a rich, flavourful and truly authentic cuisine that people from all parts of the world enjoy.

The tremendous diversity across the Indonesian archipelagos has also contributed to amazing regional differences that you can only get to explore by visiting that specific part of Indonesia.

Unfortunately, travelling right now is a nearly impossible endeavour due to Covid-19 and the numerous measures that countries across the globe have introduced to counter the virus.

If you want to get a taste of Indonesia without leaving your Singaporean home, you can still do so. Picking the right catering service provider in Singapore and an authentic menu will make you feel like you’re having a relaxing day in Jakarta.

Getting a Taste of Indonesia

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

What’s the taste of Indonesia?

That’s a difficult question to answer in just a couple of sentences.

Indonesian cuisine is comprised of numerous distinctive regional culinary traditions, each one with its character and flavour profile. More than 300 ethnic groups of people live across the 6,000 islands of Indonesia. The indigenous culture, mixed with some interesting foreign influences, has resulted in recipes you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

One thing is certain, regardless of the Indonesian region you’re visiting – the flavour profile is going to be very complex and rich. Savoury, spicy, hot and sweet work together with saltiness and bitterness to get your palate more excited than ever before.

These fine balances are achieved through the use of the numerous local ingredients.

Fresh herbs and spices are the most important ones. Ginger root, turmeric, galangal, lemon grass and chillis are all popular and featured prominently in more than one staple dish. Various other types of spices are derived from seeds, roots and tree barks of the plants that can be found solely within the Indonesian archipelago.

A Halal Catering Favourite – Nasi Goreng

Rice is another staple of Indonesian culinary tradition. It gets served with most meals and the really versatile rice is used in the preparation of sweet and savoury dishes. Plain rice is a typical side dish or it can be mixed with vegetables. Some more elaborate meals that feature rice as a main ingredient include nasi uduk (coconut milk rice), nasi kuning (rice cooked in coconut milk and flavoured with turmeric) and ketputat (rice packaged in coconut fronds and steamed).

Which brings us to some other intricate and very popular Indonesian meals and recipes.

It’s impossible to omit the importance of sambal when talking about Indonesian cuisine. This chili-based sauce is used in a wide array of dishes. Since it’s such a staple of Indonesian cuisine, sambal is often the star of the show in local restaurants and there will be multiple variations of the basic recipe.

Satay (delicious, juicy meat skewers), nasi goreng (often called Indonesia’s national dish, this is a type of fried rice), soto (a traditional meat soup), bakso (a very savoury and yummy meatball and noodles soup), ayam goreng (fried chicken, Indonesian style) and pecel lele (fried catfish) are all worth trying.

Indonesia has rich culinary traditions and its very distinctive way of serving food. There are no courses. All of the meals are put on the table, creating a colourful and rich display. Such an abundance is definitely inviting, prompting the hungry guests to try more than one culinary temptation.

Authentic Flavours Right at Your Doorstep

Do you remember your last visit to Indonesia fondly? Had you been planning a trip to one of the fantastically beautiful islands, only to have your plans being completely overturned by current events?

While the worldwide situation is challenging, there are still ways to enjoy the traditions, culture and cuisine of your favourite countries.

Indonesian cuisine is prominent in Singapore and as such, you will benefit from numerous opportunities to have the authentic dishes brought right to your doorstep.

Eatz Catering is one of the catering service providers focused on giving clients access to safe, delicious and diversified culinary experiences. We have put together a range of menus and we have undertaken numerous steps to guarantee deliciousness without any risks.

Check out our nasi tumpeng mini buffet set if you’re after some authentic Indonesian flavours. The sets are suitable for groups ranging between 15 and 20 people. They feature some Indonesian staples like ayam goreng kuning, sambal goreng, sambal belachan, steamed kangkong, nasi kuning, serundeng and others.

Our nasi lemak sets will also give you exciting opportunities to go back to your favourite Indonesian restaurant and relive those vivid memories.

The Indonesian menus are a small portion of what we have to offer – Chinese, Japanese, fusion buffets and Western-style meals are all included in our menus to give clients the culinary diversity that they crave and deserve.

Ordering from Eatz Catering is easy – just visit our website and make the selection. We’ll make sure that the meals are delivered quickly and safely to your doorstep. Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you have some additional questions.