The Growing Popularity of Halal Food in Singapore

Singapore is small, yet extremely productive— and not only in the business world. The 2 percent of Singapore’s land mass that is available for farming is devoted to excellence. Thanks to internationally recognised best practices, certifications, and other achievements, Singapore has become a go-to place for Halal food production and processing. According to an article from Salaam Gateway, this increase in Halal food production corresponds to renewed interest in Halal food in Singapore, even among people who are not Muslims.

Popularity of Halal Food Products

Shahlan Hairalah serves as the Principal of Halal Management Solutions and CEO of Sahl International. “It is easy to produce and sell Halal-certified products in Singapore as they can be consumed by almost everyone,” he explains. “In other words, non-certified products can reach 85 percent of the local population, whereas Halal-certified products can be an option for the whole populace.”

The Growth of the Muslim Tourist Industry in Singapore

The increase in availability of Halal food has made Singapore a hot spot for Muslim tourists. Muslims looking for an enjoyable getaway can count on plenty of food options in Singapore. They can enjoy touring the city and find restaurants and cafes where Halal food is served.

The Need for Progress

However, there is still more progress to be made, especially in the hotel industry. Hairalah says, “To bolster this segment of the tourism industry, more hotels, malls, restaurants, food stalls and tour agencies must make a conscious move to meet the demands of Muslim tourists.”

Increases in Certification

Restaurants and Singapore caterers recognise this growing market and the need for more Halal locations. In fact, reports indicate that Halal certification by MUIS has increased dramatically during the past decade or two. In 2000, 533 food providers were certified. In 2014, that number had risen to 2,941. Revenue streams related to Halal food services have also increased significantly, totaling $2.9 million in 2014.

Your Source for Halal Catering in Singapore

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