The Perfect Chinese New Year Gathering: A Celebration of Abundance and Family

Just as the date of the lunar new year celebration varies from year to year, different people come and go in your life; but there are probably certain special people that you celebrate special occasions with every year. Your close friends, your family and your relatives are special to you and getting together with them every Chinese New Year is a highlight of your holidays. It’s a time for celebrating abundance— and what better way to do that than with a buffet of delicious seasonal favourites?

With an Eatz Catering Chinese New Year Festive mini buffet, you’ll have plenty of delicious dishes to serve to your family— and you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing for the party.

The Abundance Set

Begin the night’s feast with a Prosperity appetiser, a lovely Fusions Seafood Salad. After your guests indulge in the flavours of the ocean, beautifully presented with fresh greens, they can serve themselves hearty helpings of Grandma’s Sambal Udang, a classic comfort food; or choose Wok Fried Prawns with Cereal and Butter as an additional entree. The mini buffet comes with delicious staples like Roasted Crispy Chicken with Prawn Crackers and Golden Prawn Wonton with Thai Dip. Load your plate with traditional steamed rice, accompanied by yams, black mushrooms, and dried shrimp. Eatz Catering also serves up Golden Fish Fillets with Sweet Sour Sauce as part of the Prosperity Set’s array of main courses.

To finish the meal, enjoy Prosperity Kiwi Jelly with Longan and Fruit Cocktail, a delightfully refreshing treat. You can also choose to have Chinese New Year Orange Velvet cupcakes as well.

Optional Favourites to Add

Traditional New Year dishes like our Paradise Treasure Pot, or Pen Cai, are available at additional cost. The Treasure Pot serves about a dozen people and included delicacies like Roast Duck, Chinese Mushrooms, Steamed Yams, Broccoli, Black moss, Bailing Mushrooms, Sea Cucumber, Tiger Prawns, and Abalone Heads.

Our Singapore catering service also offers a Do-It-Yourself Popiah Set, including the handmade Popiah skins. You’ll receive turnip with carrots, sambal chilli, minced garlic, sweet sauce, crispy bits, grated peanuts, shredded cucumber, coriander leaves, and eggs in the kit so that you and your family can enjoy assembling the food together. Another popular add-on item for our Abundance Set is the Do-It-Yourself Kueh Pie Ti Set, which includes handmade shells, coriander, garlic, chilli, eggs, crispy bits, sweet sauce, turnips, and carrots.

Other Mini Buffet Options for the New Year

In addition to the scrumptious Abundance Set, Eatz Catering offers other Chinese New Year mini buffets as well. Visit our website to explore the Longevity Set, ideal for groups of 15 or more, or the more extravagant Supreme Set. There’s an Auspicious Set option as well. If you have any questions about the variations or customisations that are possible with these sets, just contact Eatz Catering and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you create the ideal menu for your group of guests.

Mini Buffet Orders for Your Celebration

As your New Year gathering approaches, don’t forget to choose a Singapore catering service to supply you the delicious food. Placing an order with Eatz Catering allows you to select other mini buffet options that includes dishes your family members will love. With our tasty offerings, you can have the perfect Chinese New Year feast, a true celebration of life and abundance.