Try African Food in Singapore

Singapore is a delightful place for foodies to live. There are so many different restaurants, cafés, markets, hawker centres, and other sources of tasty, interesting food. Hosting an event with a top caterer in Singapore is always a good choice, since it saves you time and hassle and allows you to experience new kinds of cuisine. If you’d like to experience other cultures through your tastebuds, check out Eatz Catering’s newest offering— a full buffet of authentic African food.


Our authentic African buffet is truly a marvel of catering in Singapore. It begins with an assortment of freshly baked bread in a basket, served with olive oil and butter. A refreshing green salad follows, with feta cheese and onions for an interesting flavour twist.

Main Courses

When you order your African buffet, you’ll be able to select either baked garlic potatoes or Tanzania rice as your first menu item. The buffet will also be loaded with hot main dishes like fire-grilled beef steak and grilled jumbo prawns. Your guests can enjoy battered codfish with spicy tartar sauce, as well as halal South African farmhouse sausages. Grilled chicken with Afrikaans Peri Peri sauce is a unique treat.
Also included on the buffet are classic African Sambusas. These triangular pastries are similar to samosas, but usually follow a different recipe. They are typically stuffed with minced lamb, minced beef, spiced potatoes, cheese, lentils, peas, onions, or a combination of those ingredients. Some cooks even add pine nuts or noodles to the savoury filling.


For dessert, your guests can indulge in a rich, premium chocolate fudge tart. The decadent dessert is served with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream.

Traditional Beverages

Our Singapore catering service offers two beverage options for the African buffet. You can select a Mocktail Sangria, which is Halal and non-alcoholic, or you can choose to experience South African Rooibos tea, which is served hot. Rooibos tea has been shown to help with various health issues, including asthmas, hypertension, allergies, insomnia, and headaches. It is very low in tannins and has no caffeine, making it especially healthful.


The authentic African buffet from our Singapore catering service is priced at $35.00 per person, or $37.45 with GST, and it comes with 11 courses, including drinks. It’s the ideal option when you want to indulge your guests a bit and provide a totally new taste experience. You can order this buffet for a minimum of 30 guests.

Authentic Buffet Orders

Eatz Catering offers a number of additional authentic buffets, including a Japanese buffet, a Thai buffet, and a Middle Eastern buffet. Choose one of these unique buffets for your next event and enjoy the traditional foods of that particular culture. Your guests will enjoy taking a tasting tour of another country via its cuisine. To place your order, simply go online to Eatz Catering’s website and select the menu you want, or call us directly and we’ll help you finalise the details for your catered event in Singapore.