Up Your Catering Game with an Onsite Chef

No self-respecting host would find it acceptable when the dining experience of an event falls short of expectations. Sometimes, the first step to being a great host is recognizing you can’t do everything by yourself. Food, being critical to the success of any event, can actually be left to the professionals. When hiring a food caterer in Singapore, other than picking out the menu and selecting the decor, do you know you can actually opt to add in an on-site chef? At eatz Catering, we do provide on-site uniformed chef services complete with butler services to really up the food catering game.

Before you up the game, know that hiring an onsite chef would definitely add some costs on top choosing a standard buffet package. But if money is not an issue, saying ‘no’ is out of the option. Having an onsite chef will really make a great difference to the dining experience. Here are some reasons to get an onsite Chef to come with your catering service:

  • Gives you event a more professional touch
  • Able to customize dishes to individual tastes and requirements
  • Nothing beats food cooked to order!
  • Guests will definitely remember your event
  • Depending on how things are planned, you may end up saving money since food is cooked to order

What can an onsite chef do?

There are many different dishes that can be cooked onsite. One idea is a chef who stir-fries dishes in front of guests. If you are a vegetarian, you can tell them what veggies you would like. Else, meats and other ingredients they want and they will have their hot steaming plate ready right in front of their eyes.

How about chefs who are great with local fare and are able to whip up local favourites like roti prata, laksa, char kway teow or satay on the spot?

Another option is choosing a chef for breakfast following Southeast asian delights – like an egg station at a hotel breakfast spread. Everybody loves a good old omelet so why not invite your guests over to a breakfast/brunch to have a customized omelet made from their favorite ingredients like cheese, meat or vegetables.

There is another remarkable benefit of having an onsite chef. If you have Muslim guests who strictly eat halal food, they would prefer the food being cooked in front of them to make sure the chef adds all halal ingredients.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Onsite Chefs

There are some important things to consider before you hire an onsite chef from the from a catering service. Here is the checklist:

  • First of all, know if you are going to need more than just one chef at the event. Choose the number of chefs according to the number of guests and the different kind of dishes. Nobody likes to wait when it comes to food, so make sure you have enough chefs. If you event is going to have more than 25 people, consider more than one chef.
  • If a custom meal is being cooked and you are obligated to wait till it’s ready, why not have some non-custom options. For example, you can have starters or appetizers to keep your guests happy till their meal is ready.
  • Talk to the catering company and know how long it normally takes for a chef to prepare a dish. Calculate the time to have the right estimate about the number of chefs you will need.
  • Consider those chefs who are professional and who are capable of handling more than one entrée at a time. This will save you money and it will not cause chaos among the guests.

Once everything is in place and with the right caterer, your event will definitely be a memorable one!

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