What Makes a Great Catering Company?

When you’re hosting a gathering with friends and family in Singapore, the last thing you want to do is spend your time slaving away in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun together. Instead of taking on the responsibility for the food yourself, why not hire a Singapore caterer to handle it for you? You’ll feel much more relaxed when you know that your party’s food service is in good hands. Here are five traits that make a catering company worth hiring.


The food may taste good, but if the catering service is not following proper hygiene practices, you are risking the health of every guest at your party. Choose a caterer in Singapore who has been licensed by the NEA, the National Environmental Agency. You can find out whether or not your caterer is licensed by checking the NEA directory of approved caterers in Singapore. You’ll see that Eatz Catering is on the list as a licensee, guaranteed to deliver safe, hygienically handled food to your event.


Your catering service in Singapore needs to be on time, not just for the sake of your hungry guests, but for the safety of the food. To maintain safe temperatures for all the dishes, the food needs to be delivered no earlier than one hour before serving time. Everything must be secured in coolers or insulated containers so that the food stays at the right temperature until it is time to eat. A great catering company will provide you with time stamps to indicate how long the food is safe to eat and at what point any leftovers should be discarded.


Even if your caterer is prompt and handles everything in a hygienic manner, you won’t hire the company again unless the food tastes good. A great Singapore caterer should offer you samples of their food to taste before you hire them. They should have excellent reviews and testimonials from other people and events who have used their services in the past. Look for a Singapore catering service with high ratings for taste and quality. Before you hire a company, find out who the cooks and chefs are and what level of experience they have. Discover where the catering service sources its produce and other ingredients. With a little research, you should be able to find a Singapore caterer capable of serving up mouth-watering, amazing dishes for you and your guests.

Customer Service

When you contact the Singapore catering service for the first time, notice how they react to your questions and demands. Are they abrupt or difficult to deal with? You need a catering team that is accommodating, patient, and kind, no matter what issues arise during the course of the event.


Do you plan to have some Muslim guests in attendance? Find a Halal caterer in Singapore or select a regular caterer that understands halal requirements and is willing to accommodate them. If you have vegetarian or vegan guests or guests with food allergies, check with the food caterer if they can accommodate all your needs. They may not be able to, due to logistical constraints, but they should be at least upfront about it so you can make special arrangements. Eatz Catering has a Halal certification so you are for sure able to accommodate friends who are Muslim as well!

Look for a caterer that is prompt, clean, and flexible, offering excellent customer service and delicious menu options. If they include reasonable pricing, good leadership, and creativity as well, that’s a bonus. With the help of your new Singapore caterer, you’re on track to planning your next big event.